A fun day at the LAB

You know as an adult I think I can tolerate a little stick to draw blood.  I to be honest when someone does this each day many times over, why in the world is it so painful for the technician to draw blood without pain.  Yes, there is the stick, but?

Yes, I was stuck once painfully, and she did not draw enough into two vials.  Oh sorry she said, I have to draw two more, saying this after she has removed the needle.  Another stick more painful than the first one.  I was steaming without overreacting at the time.  I departed and came straight home.

I go back to the office on the 5th of Nov at 10:00 AM.

HTML coding

I was on YouTube listening to a course about HTML.  It looks easy but I would need to be able to read and apply at the same time.  Then the CSS codes kick in, and there so many of them out there all of which fits into a publication of content.

I will stay traditional and use words, even if I make some up sometime.  Webster did so why can’t I?

It is about time for me to go and garage my car, I really do not have to but I am paying for space to house them so I should use them and the vehicles will be ready in the morning when I go for my LABS.

Until later this is the gator away and soon to return with more cyber action.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/21

The morning of today, Sunday 10/21

Today is a positive day, how do I know that? Fate tells me that if you are disillusioned long enough then positive must return. With my eye situation controlling my fate these past few weeks, I think I may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
Today is Sunday 10/21. It is the morning of today, and I may have a story to tell later today.
I woke at 12:45 AM, got up for a few minutes and for some reason I ended up in my lounge chair sleeping the rest of the day. I do not remember why I chose to do this but for sure I do not regret doing it as when I woke the next time I was rested and felt good. I must a good chair will sleep well any time.
Today I know laundry is on the agenda, as to what else I am not sure yet.
This is The morning of today, Sunday 10/21 so far.