What to do?

As I woke this morning I ask myself, a new day so what to do?. As I ponder, I have concluded nothing new to do. So with logic of an older fossil in life, it was decided to just be happy and maybe be nice to someone. My today’s goal is now active.

Now it is a Wednesday

Now why do I favor a Wednesday over a Monday and Tuesday now passed? A Wednesday represents the middle of a week. Thursday and Friday preceeds the weekend.

Friday is for many a payday, the Saturday and Sunday relates as a spend day. The Monday and Tuesday relates so much to the many spenders looking forward to a pay day.

Does any of this bucket of words make any useful sence?


It is my time to digest news as if it is trash. To receive it as good news causes one to become ill. With the trash that our h overement it putting forth for the few and ignoring the whole. Excessive spending, therefore, exciting taxing. Populations of a neighboring country asking for our help to remove communism and relieve then to enjoy freedom so we tell them that they are not welcome and yet our lower border is open to all.

It is happy days time.