Today is Friday 6/18/21

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday. I understand that we now have a new federal holiday for the 19th. Watching the news and weather on which I see we have a gulf storm in the making and will head for my area in Georgia. I am ready so let it come.

So many changes in our lives these days. I hope it is not long lived, if so I dread the learning process of today’s kids in the schools. I see the nation in turmoil and I for sure do hope the future will improve for the good of the countries

Today is a Friday.

The Tube or the phone

As an old person of many years I often ask myself what did we do years ago without these items in our hands. I recall many years ago tracking certain time each day when I watch certain TV shows then my mother and I would watch shows before bed. Of course home work had to be comp level.

Now the phone does not present the attachment as did my shows when I was young. The Mickey Mouse show, Dick Clark’s American Band Stand. These are only a few that I remember.

An early awakening

As I was waking up, the power recycled three times. I do have equipment to protect my computers from such resets.

Today is my very first girl friends birthday. I texted her last evening to wish her a good one as I do each year. I call her or text her for Christmas as well.

I am now up and going through my routines for the morning.