Cease-fire today

It makes for a tense period in time. I wish they could get along.

I wish them the best going forward.

Thursday rings

The still of the trees in the cooperation of the sun makes for a good day. The temperature rises with time. I heard some birds singing earlier which could mean that either the singer is around friends or is now mated.

The birds travel alone between locations, um how many mates do the have each year? I would guess that they would have a good lawyer if the fact high expenses.

Let the the bells ring, the birds sing, and spring will soon turn into summer.

I do not speak “WOKE”

Born many years ago into an English speaking country,,

I grew up being educated using English as a language

Today I use English daily: sometimes effective, sometimes not so much.

Today we have uneducated idiots trying to change my life

With something foreign to a life of learning.

The adjective version is “alert to injustice in society, especially racism”.

I am querying how the English language, a history, can be so insulting

From one to another.

Is it not as diminishing to peoples overall as a few that want attention.

I do not speak “woke”.