The truth is

The truth is whenever I take the time to look around and see what surrounding me each day, I begin to wonder if its really me or am I living from the past. I find myself living with clutter of which I am in process of eliminating it. I have most of it out in my garage. So much paper, some good, some not. and so much of it is from my house when I moved to the apartments some eight years ago. I need to buy me a large box of trash bags and start my shredder trashing my past memories. I know I am not the only person that can say this, Many times I have had to go back in time to find a paper to support an answer that I have entered on another paper.

I will start this action tomorrow, It is spring now and summer is coming soon.

The truth is I see paper every where I look. I need to stop printing so much for one use. I can use the computer and phones to do what I need to do. No telling what I may find,

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