I needed to, did not need to

Earlier I ate some cereal, It is not what I could eat due to my conditions. It fit a spot inside, however, it was one of the things that I know to be bad for my diet. Some times it happens.

I recall one time I was with my mother. She wanted some kind of salad but could not make it. I ask her how old are you? she told me her age, I told her that I thought she is old enough to eat what she wanted. She told me what it takes to fix the stuff, so I began to fix it for her. She told me that the Doctors did not want her to eat that kind of stuff. Today I know more about what she was told. She ate it and had a smile on her face.

I thought I needed to eat the cereal. and I did not need to eat it because it makes my sugar go up. I will b ok.

One thought on “I needed to, did not need to

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