I needed to, did not need to

Earlier I ate some cereal, It is not what I could eat due to my conditions. It fit a spot inside, however, it was one of the things that I know to be bad for my diet. Some times it happens.

I recall one time I was with my mother. She wanted some kind of salad but could not make it. I ask her how old are you? she told me her age, I told her that I thought she is old enough to eat what she wanted. She told me what it takes to fix the stuff, so I began to fix it for her. She told me that the Doctors did not want her to eat that kind of stuff. Today I know more about what she was told. She ate it and had a smile on her face.

I thought I needed to eat the cereal. and I did not need to eat it because it makes my sugar go up. I will b ok.

A day in Government

A number of things:

  1. A seasoned lady police accidentally discharge her weapon, thinking the had grabbed her teaser a life was taken. Protest resulted. During the Mayor’s, Police Chief, and City Manager all gave a information report to news and others. The police lady was put on automatic leave waiting due process. The City Manager was fired because he said the shooter was due process, the Mayor had already said that he believe she should be terminated, later the Police Chief was also terminated. Guilty with due process. Riots continue during the night.
  2. The border invasion continues. The President and Vice President seem to not care.
  3. Unlimited amount of money is wanted to spend on infrastructures projects.