Late night approaches’

As I watch the talk shoe on TV I find myself getting tired and then I hear my bed calling me to come and rest. I am about ready for that adventure . I no longer dream as I once did. I do sleep much better now than I have in a long time.

Tomorrow, meaning Saturday, I may get out and about a bit with no purpose. I now must make the approach my sleeping area and check my eye lids for leaks. Good Night to each.

Yesterday was successful

For a while I was having some issues with my TV/WRB services. I had call the company (provider) requesting advice on what to do, she said she could send someone out @ $49/visit to see what the problems were and if he could fix it. I’ve had many years in electronics up to the level of engineer, that I should be able to figure it out. I was successful and it is working great right now.

A thought of mind

I think of the progresses, of which the future will hold strong advantages as our experiences come about in life. Our training and purpose will be the goal set as our guide to the successes gained through education, experiences, etc., throughout life.

I feel that I have experienced a good life, many obstacles cleared, but successfully. Fixed for life, many ills confronted, and happy to say the battle with cancer was the worse experience ever. They say my heart and lungs look good, I did take the vaccine shots with no problems being experienced, a time or two I was concerned if I had COVID or not and went to the hospital ER twice and was cleared both time. I am not social as I had been before in my life.

I was setting around and a thought came to me, a thought of mind. Life has been good and I believe will continue a while longer.