Where oh where

I heard on a news channel about a person in New York, who killed his mother, went to jail, and was later was paroled, then this person was walking to Church, she was 64 years old oriental. This guy told her that she was not welcome here and began kicking her to the ground, kicking to the head and body. People watched but never called police. He was arrested. It is athame that it has come to this in the world.

Some people, during the night, dropped two little girls (sisters) over a fence on the American side of the border and ran off. The girls I believe were ok but help got to them fast.

Another event, people were crossing the border, by boat to get to America, someone broke the mothers legs and tossed a young baby into the water and some Texas Rangers got them and brought them to shore.

Where has all of the goodness gone?

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