The truth is

The truth is whenever I take the time to look around and see what surrounding me each day, I begin to wonder if its really me or am I living from the past. I find myself living with clutter of which I am in process of eliminating it. I have most of it out in my garage. So much paper, some good, some not. and so much of it is from my house when I moved to the apartments some eight years ago. I need to buy me a large box of trash bags and start my shredder trashing my past memories. I know I am not the only person that can say this, Many times I have had to go back in time to find a paper to support an answer that I have entered on another paper.

I will start this action tomorrow, It is spring now and summer is coming soon.

The truth is I see paper every where I look. I need to stop printing so much for one use. I can use the computer and phones to do what I need to do. No telling what I may find,

I was out

Yesterday I notice that one of my meds was low so I requested a refill. I just went to Walgreens and picked it up. I had to pay $3.15 to get it.

Some other things I would like to have but I had droved into the window. The like to have are many and the cost hurts my calculations in my budget.

I was out so I replenished.

Where does it end

One of our state governing bodies is talking about allowing unarmed personnel to conduct vehicle stops for violations enforcement. How will they know the driver is not armed and would be apt to take the advantage if confronted.

Ten workers shot and at least eight killed at a FEDEX facility last night. The shooter turned the weapon on himself. The facility is located in Ohio.

The diversities between our state governments today are so evident in the law enforcement abilities to actually do their job as they are trained to do. The enforcement personnel are no longer respected by the people. The governments need to allow the responders to do their jobs and enforce the laws.

Now or later

Now: to speak a lot and say nothing, or later: to organize the thought, present it, and say something of value. Often when I try to present my thoughts, I will tend to hurry into the process and will present sleeping pills. I am learning the timeline technique and slowly I feel I am bettering my presentations.

Practice and make a difference, it will only be as the work one puts into the material.