A mission in time

Today, I have a mission in time to complete and to continue on in time in search of another mission. I will be leaving soon to get my last injection of my COVID vaccine. I initially was not sure of my desire to get the vaccine. After the a while to consider it the decision was accepted as a go. One of my doctors office called me about the availability of the vaccine at the pharmacy so I went through the process and got signed up for the series of injections. I hope my action turns into a positive one.

An interesting day

Today, an interesting day, I must say: a major trial up north. A police officer is on trial over the death of a black man around 8 months ago. It is expected to go for a number of months.

The invasion of our southern border continues. There is a request for volunteers to help with the numbers of kids.

The government is wanting to spend 3-4$ Trillions. Another reason to raise taxes, and to waste money to help a democratic project. It is to be released on Wednesday.

Now it is being said that during April, a cite will be within 5 miles of the home for each person to get vaccinated.

A new day

A new day and a new way! So with this being said so what is really being said? It is only a way of saying that we are now facing a new day but nothing representing a new way of doing anything. We are still faced with the migration from the south, an overflowing in the budget, mostly waste, greed, and spiteful like party attitudes.

Tomorrow, I will have my second shot of the covid vaccine. I hear it is the shot that is sore and causes more pain. But I think I can make it work. I had the first shot 28 days ago and it was a piece of cake as the story goes. I have been lucky by not getting the covid even on a couple of times I went to the ER because I thought I may have had an issue.

I think we will overcome all of this mess going around. Faith will guide us through it.

And it continues

I have spent the weekend at home hearing the same thing each hour on the TV. Our demented President does not know if he is coming or going. Heck half of the time he does not know where he is. What a mess we have. It is sad and I should not complain but just watching him on TV. I guess I will just pray that we are not faced with terrorism.

Our 95th president says he want to go to the border, why? He will be accused of interfering even if he is honest with his effort.