And it continues

I have spent the weekend at home hearing the same thing each hour on the TV. Our demented President does not know if he is coming or going. Heck half of the time he does not know where he is. What a mess we have. It is sad and I should not complain but just watching him on TV. I guess I will just pray that we are not faced with terrorism.

Our 95th president says he want to go to the border, why? He will be accused of interfering even if he is honest with his effort.

Many ways

I must say that being on here with nice people is and always have been fun. I am able to communicate via many different medias. Right now I am at my desk top. I sent two post earlier using a cell phone using an external keyboard. Normally I just use the keyboard on the phone. I also use Outlook to send a post to WP via the Outlook email. It works great. With so many ways to communicate with, a good subject matter is also needed to make a better impression.