The 30th will soon be here

I am not sure that I am looking forward to the 30th, it is the date scheduled for my second corvid shot. I will then be totally vaccinated. I hear that it is worse that the first shot which was nothing at all. I had to wait 28 days between shots. I have been lucky that I did not get the virus. Of course, again I am not around many people nor do I go out much, if I do I wear the mask.

Ok, let me try and close my eyes with no dreams. Till later, good night.

I think it may be soon

I do not think it will happen soon or later, I do however, feel it should be sooner than later. This building is so quite tonight. It normally is. There is a very young kid upstairs that likes to run around the apartment during the day and he runs with a stomp, he is in bed now and it is very quite, no dogs barking, cats begging, nor grownups fighting.

Yep I think it may be soon, till I fall asleep.

No storms yet

The word is we may have some more storms tonight, so far I have not heard of any nor have I actually saw any in the area. It got pretty messy last evening in at least two states, people were killed in a couple of states. Destruction was heavy in my state and the one next to us. It is common for this time of the year just as hurricanes are in the fall. Earth quakes are more common in the western states. Always something to keep us guessing. The western states have more wild fires than we do on the eastern states.

Awake and uncomfortable

Earlier, during the afternoon, I fell asleep sitting in my recliner. I assume that my body did know the difference since I tend to sleep in the same chair each night. I do find it very relaxing and that is why I sleep in it all the time. I do not claim to be normal, so do not presume I am. As for now I can not say I am restless, sleepy, or even tired, even if it feels like I am all three. I am up for a few minutes trying to find some sleep somewhere so I might get me a jug or two. Maybe apple sauce will help.

I am so awake and uncomfortable right now.