Today has been mental

I say today has been mental not as a bad description but a lack of being prepared for what I wanted to do. I went to the store to get some things, duh! I fully forgot what I wanted. So far I have not even heard any them on TV. I will write it down this time so should I go to the store again I will have at my fingertips what I am looking or. So today has been mental for me today.

Storms over the horizon

It was a sad evening last night. Thunder and lightening were worrisome enough last evening. I was not scared myself, my ex-wife use to go hide during heavy storms. Many states in the area had tornados where people passed and homes destroyed.

I heard thunder and I am sure some lightening was in the area also When I woke this morning I noticed that one of my computers were off line.

Some areas had hale again I do not remember any within my area.