A Monday comes to an end

I woke to a Monday, my activities caused me to have a short Monday. I guess I can’t complain as I accomplished many things and stay tired most of the time, I guess it is an old thing. Many times I do not feel old but sometimes it just happens. It is a lesson learned when I recall my step dad and his days when he felt bad. I have learned so much from thinking back to recall my experience in caring for the elders. People talk about it, but until one actually experience it, it will never become a learned knowledge.

A Monday comes to an end.

Today I had…

Today I had issues with my printer, it is a HP, I used the internet trouble shooting service that HP provides. It work greats.

I wanted to drinks so I went to Walmart across the street from where I live. Spent around $88. I hope it was worth it. Actually, I did get many things that I need, however, I of course forgot other things that I needed. I can get them tomorrow.

The afternoon I have been lazy, even fell asleep sitting in the chair. I woke to check if I had tested on time and I had, however, I also wanted to test again when I woke. All was good.

Today I had…