Evening is on the way

The night is soon upon us. Spring began yesterdY. Summer is soon to be upon us. The evening is on the way, an hour or two.

I was able to accomplish a lot today. I still have more to do. To all a good night.

Slept good

Sleep came to me fast last evening. The dream world never materialized so I can assume that I never traveled in my sleep last evening.

Today is a relaxion day. now just what that means? Nothing really, just a way to present a point.

My day will consist of more of this. I will maybe go and get some Captain D’s, my normal meal is the 3pc meal. But again, I may not.

I am sure I will spend a lot of time on the computer today. I’ve already got my bills paid so it will not be that. I have the ability to do many things there, just lack the smarts to do a lot. I need a 3 year old to teach me.

Until later, I will move in.