The dark has took over

As the sun sat in the sky, the dark moved in and took over. Not cold nor uncomfortable at this time. I hear the bed calling, so to bed I shall retire and relax a few days.

To all a good night.

I know

I was on my spectrum page this morning, it turned into the afternoon, and I was not able to finish what I was doing They had my email and phone file there and I began to delete the file. I have no idea how many emails they are but doing 12 at a time I was not making a dent in them. The phone numbers were easy just check em and delete and they are gone. The emails is 12 at a time. It is all junk anyway. I guess I need to use it more, and I guess that is my best way of doing it.

I did accomplish one thing while I was on there, I paid off one of my phones, now I am only paying one each month.

The weather remains breezy, the dogwood trees are loosing their blooms. Not so bad this year so far.

Sad information

I watch the news from time to time, I should know better because I am listening to the opinions of others and I hope I am qualified to withdraw trues from whatever I hear. It is sad, nonetheless. Let me present an example: this is a growing subject taught within subject matter within the educations systems of so many schools. The subject matter depicts white as racist, and it taught in classes of mix class members. We are the people: white, brown, black, red, etc. The teachers should be teaching unity not trashing certain groups. People are equal and should be treated as so.

Governments, do the same thing by treating some better than others. I think the governments need to more considerate of all people and not be so negative when dealing with people.

Something is up

I am believing that something is up today. I do not know, right now, what it is but when I returned home from breakfast I got on my computer and found that I had started a post and got as far as the title and stopped. It was not my words in the title. Well I think I have fixed it, this is the post of which the title was relating. I tried to call ghost-busters and I could not find their number in the book.

Today is going to be fun and many things will happen on Friday that might surprise one, and it can be highly productive if you think through your actions before you actually act.

Happy Friday to each in the world of words.