A Good Day

For what it is worth, I’ve had, A Good Day. I’ve worked here, and I’ve work there, and it has be fun as I watch the rain fall.

The rain the yard people came by using their blowers, blowing and getting wet. I had a good feeling about that. It has been a good day even with the weather.

A Long Wet Day

As I stated this morning, the day is a wet, dark or semi light day. I have been inside since I returned home after eating. I travel many country roads and it is hard to see anything on those roads. The travel was lite due many going to work was going the other direction. The TV is on a news channel and it so messed up. Looks like we will have a high tax again, from many directions I should say. We will be hit with higher fuel tax for ours vehicles. Glade I do not drive much, but I do have two vehicles.

Site Search

I just noted a $25 charge for a site search (whatever that is) from my bank account. I guess now I can search the WP program and find out what I am paying for each month then add a stop search to it. I will admit, the WP has changed a lot since I was on here before. Is it easier to operate, nah about the same. I got lucky I still have great people on my side and that is so appreciated. Many of them I feel like I actually know them.

Back to searching something. lol.