A thought of Hunger

As I sit, realizing that both breakfast and lunch have passed, I will eventually have to get up and travel to the local Captain D’s and get me some fish for dinner. That has been on my mind for a while now so I will have to make it happen today or put it aside to do for another day. I have been wanting a fish meal, but I did not want to go out to get it. I may just do some chicken nuggets since I have them already here in the fridge. I bought them the other day. Yep, that is what I will do because the Cap n D’s is $8+/-.
A freedom of today, the ability to change my mind as it suits my situation for today.

A thought of hunger, a freedom to adjust the action by desires.

A quite day

A quite day is a day when the chores of life all fall in line without hesitating a fear or hesitation. Today, so far has been one of those days. I do in fact, have a road ahead of me. I am not interested in the things on the TV. I guess I could go to YouTube just to see what kind of trouble I could get into there, but, really it does not interest me either. I have all but one phone on charge right now, so I can’t play with them right now. The outside is kind of like the story during Christmas, nothing is steering-not even a mouse.

It is a quite day for now.

A Post From A Phone

I am mobile, not really, but I am using one of my phones. Sometime my fingers are bigger than my word. I need to practice the one finger typing process, a phone is a great way to do this. I’ve have watch kids text and they are so fast. I am a 120WPM typist of the past. Slower today but it is easy to change.

Apost from a phone.

A Border to Far

From very young to the very old, a walking trip just to change to a new government and lifestyle. Only if the end point will allow one to enter is there a value to the travel. This is what we face now. over 100,000 since January. No idea how many do not make it. Our new President open the door, and it now has gotten out of control. The crime lords charge these migrants fees just to cross their area of controls. All in the stroke of a pen by one side does this take place.

A border to far.

My dream of organization

As I indicated in a previous post, I have been trying to get organized. It is a lot of work when a person tries to organize a life, the smart thing to do is start from today and move forward. The effort is coming along ok, but slow. A big and trying dream.

An end not reachable, too late in the life game.