The angle of rain

The angle of rain is close to 7 degrees as it falls from the clouds. Now it could be other issues that cause the angles. In viewing the falling drops one can only Guage the drops by how it looks.

The a gle of rain.

The rabbits are cooking

The rabbits and chickens have combined in their effort to present a great Easter this year. They have a lot to consider , of course chocolate Rabbits and Chickens figures. and eggs of all sizes inclusive with boiled eggs colored so bright. This is a small listed of their requirements of fun in the basket.

We also mush break out the Bible and read a bit to get the full meaning of Easter.

A travel between high and low

If you see the world in a blurry way

You go to the doctor and set all day

He tells you to eat differently, take some pills and come back in three

A change from pills to shots to better your chances

It is the numbers game, labs, A1c, and meals, good or bad

It is worth sticking to it, even if you do not feel right.

He’ll say your blood sugar is too high and the world is fine

Exercise, change your diet, low to no carbs during a meal

Your A1C should be a certain number to be good.

Now should you be reversed, sweaty, weak, and hard to do for yourself

You need to take one or two of the diabetic sugar wafers

Check your sugar levels, eat something – cheese, peanut butter, orange juice

You eat to increase your sugar and to stabilize.

Somewhere between the sweat and the blur is ideal, a phantom number

It is ideal to travel from high to low and not cross either end.

Note: I am no doctor, these words are an experience

American Government

As an American I seldom make negative comments which is reflexive of flaws within our government, but today I am about to do just that. We have a President with dementias, a Vice President which wants many wrong directions and funding by high taxes. They want a one party government, high taxes, and excessive spending.

The rain has started

The rain has started, the storm will follow. Glade I have nothing to do today that can’t wait till tomorrow. I am comfortable with just staying in the apartment and relaxing.

Additional information: My friends that took both shots before said the second one was hurtful. Neither shot that I took had any pain nor does the second shot which I received yesterday. When she gave me the shot yesterday I did finch initially and I have some of the same reaction when I give myself a shot. If it is not squarely with the arm it will hurt a second. I have no pain at all today. No other reactions to it either.