I was thinking

lDuring the time yesterday that I was in motion, I was thinking. One would ask about what I was thinking. It was the last Saturday, with plenty of time on my hands, I had already paid most of my bills for the month, some I do not mail out, but the bank is drawn upon for the amount due. I do not like it when someone draws from my bank account at their convenience. Some places will not take payments any other way. I think back into my history and I have paid with a check and instead of processing the check they would auto my bank account, I was smoking when I saw that going on.
I was thinking also about how life has treated me over the years. I feel that life has been a blessing to me over the years, going to real schools as a kid, my military experiences, regular jobs, my travel to and long habitation in so many countries. My travel as a truck owner-operator I was able to visit so many states of my own country.
Now that I am fully retired, I feel that I did something right over the years.

I was thinking…👍

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