We have a major increase in transits coming across our boarders. Even grownups dropping kids off and they go back across or on into the country. I ask how do we handle so many people just breaking into our country for free benefits.

Schedule of tomorrow

Early tomorrow morning about 9am I think, I will be getting a lab test for my kidney doctor. We have been doing phone visits, not sure right now if next week will be phone or in person. She is the only one of my regular doctors doing that. My VA doctors are another one that will do the phone. It does not matter really unless I have an issue then I will need to go in and take care of it.
I will have the result back later tomorrow or the next day.

A Project

I am working a project full of numbers. In other words I am working my bank information to fine out who is getting what and how much each month. I pretty much know but it is a project to kill time when I am bored. I did remove my vehicles from the garages for now and one is parked in my handicap spot.

For some reason I have many projects of numbers and I deal with them daily. Not all are bank related. Some are medical.

These are not one day projects but daily.

This Wednesday

I missed yesterday fully, I do not know nor can I recall what I was doing yesterday. I hope I have not became a Democrat and can’t remember stuff. I am here today and I will open my head to let loose some words to convey into some transfer of event, knowledge, or whatever. I am here excuseless at best.