A busy day

From time to time, I look around just to see what needs to be done within the apartment. I did so yesterday, this morning and later also, I am sure. I do this just for something to do and also to make space to put other stuff. I have done it today with my computer cleaning some malfunctioning programs as in Quicken for one. Staying busy, away from the outside weather and all the fun things such as mask and so on.
I am also letting my phone help me with the rework of Quicken. I may decide to go to excel and see if I can make it work as good. I need to get into my desk and shred some papers so I will have a lot of trash for the valets when they come by tonight. I like giving them a lot of bags to pick, for what I am being charged the more the merry.
More to come as I progress.

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