Issues Galore

Texas has been and still is frozen in, no powers in many locations, the grocery stores are either out or running out of food for people, cattle farms are low to out of hay. Help for them is lacking also. Our new president is aware of the issues but guess it is not of an importance to him. He could authorize the military to deliver food via air, I know it has been done before.

Schools are closed due to COVID 19 are there plans to gets the schools open and the students back in school? YES, but the plans do not uniform enough to get the teachers back in the school.

I want the shot but cannot find one in my home area. Maybe soon?

It’s Friday

The week has flew by fast, facing another weekend. Of course for me, ever day is a day off. The cold remains, the rain has past by for now. I slept great last nigh, up at 6:30, so if I decide to do something I will be ready and for now I have no pans. I will likely spend some time here doing just what I am doing.

The last time I was on here I was learning new words daily. I need to get back into that habit again. It was fun but if you never use them they fade from memory.

It’s Friday and I will make if productive.