Midday Sleepy

I just began to be in a midday sleepy mood. I know that if I was togo to sleep now I would for sure be awake later. I will try and hold out as long as I can. I guess this is more fun than sleep. If the chill would go away then maybe I would not be wanting a knap.

I do want to wait and here what the Mars Car does when it lands. I think it would be fun riding one of the in space, but I do not want to really go there I hope it is fuel dependent on the sun and not oil etc. I wonder what kind of money do they take on Mars? I did notice that no highways, no stop lights or signs. It will land some time soon (that is just the car now any things else. I do not even know if the Mars-car will be manned. I do not think the uber is even manned.


My midday sleepy.

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