A Story for the Heart

A sharing of a true story about a child with dowel syndrome. I have a nephew with it and he is the most friendly and polite young man. They make life special.

The news shows

I can’t get into these debating news shows. It is all opinions and one has to be smarter than the other. It is about time for me to revert back to movies or something. Disagreed debating really solves nothing. The is one reason that I decided to get back into this pass time. I am rusty but it is coming back slowly.

I just do not like most news shows.

I mask up, keeps my hands clean, stay away from others unless I have to go to a doctor or something like that. I am waiting on the shot to come available as I am on the list.

The news shows that debate I do not like.

The dark is here

I made it beyond the sun, or the lack of, now the dark has blessed us all. I expect more rain tonight it is already cold out. I am waiting on the trash people to come between now and 11:00 tonight. They call it a trash valets. Tomorrow I do not have much going on. I should receive some medications in the male, will see if it will happen.

Midday Sleepy

I just began to be in a midday sleepy mood. I know that if I was togo to sleep now I would for sure be awake later. I will try and hold out as long as I can. I guess this is more fun than sleep. If the chill would go away then maybe I would not be wanting a knap.

I do want to wait and here what the Mars Car does when it lands. I think it would be fun riding one of the in space, but I do not want to really go there I hope it is fuel dependent on the sun and not oil etc. I wonder what kind of money do they take on Mars? I did notice that no highways, no stop lights or signs. It will land some time soon (that is just the car now any things else. I do not even know if the Mars-car will be manned. I do not think the uber is even manned.


My midday sleepy.

To a Lunch

After returning home from the eye doctor, I was hungry, I phoned a fairly local facility to order BBQ pork for later plus two sandwiches for lunch. It has been a while since I have had BBQ. I now have enough for a few days.

I have been cold since I returned home. The heating has been running steadily enough, but the cool is coming in the windows I guess. I was cold at the doctor’s office also, some room were cold others warm. Lunch was good, I believe tonight will be also. I had a little pop corn from last night so I finished it off.

To a lunch and a lock down. I say a lock down because I never leave home unless I have a doctors visit.