An Effort of a Phone

I sit here at the TV, listening to many stories related to Rush Limbaugh. I recall when I was driving a truck all over America hearing his radio shows. A great entertaining experience. RIP

Biden Says Minorities Don’t Know How To Use The Internet

I have worked with many minorities in the past years, I have never found this to be a true issue. Biden is demented and unless someone tells him what to do, he would never do anything.

I served in the military with minorities and they were brothers and we depended on each other to accomplish whatever we faced each day.

As The Sun Shines

  • As the sun shines
  • We try to retain a peaceful mind
  • We open our thoughts toward the positive
  • I am one that will think positively daily
  • I am uncomfortable with negative talk around me
  • I believe I feel better in the positive
  • As a bright light will shine so does a positive heart
  • I’ve been radical, today I am quite
  • I feel good today.

To Order or Not

As I set here I ponder about which I shall do next, to order groceries for delivery or go to the store myself and buy more than I need or actually do not need. Ordering for delivery (I am lazy), actually going to the store to pick and purchase (I will get too much, stuff that I do not need, and will spend too much).

Decision time!

To order or not? I will have no answer until later today. The first call to action is to get up from the chair, then walk to the car, then drive to the car, and when it comes time to pay; I ask myself did I forget my card. Ok, now at home, I wish I had a wagon to put this stuff in so it would be easier to take into the apartment. But for now the question remains: To Order or Not.