The time that I was gone

The time that I was gone was because of a number of reasons. I will attempt to explain most of them, not that an interest will be at the end read, a story that I need to address. Let me now begin:

I was helping my sister out with her financial needs, her health became a problem for her and she wanted to retire from her job and work from home. The working from home has worked out for her even with some work from a local office. We finally got her financials under control.

I have been going through some medical issues, COVID 19 has not helped at all. I have followed the mask and 6 foot thing and stayed inside most of my time. I thought once in September and December that I may have the COVID issue, so I went to the Emergency room at the hospital, was tested and the results was negative. I think I was going through some depression this past December, I worked myself and I believe I got over it. I still have a few issues medically wrong, I am working with doctors on each of them. Nothing that I need to worry about, just a resulting of other issues. I am lucky that I have plenty of medical insurance to help me with my issues. One of my medical facilities closed the doors to face to face contact back in March last year. That has hurt many around where I live.

My youngest son an issue with a bleeding within the frontal area of his head. He was rushed to a major hospital in Atlanta, He staid there about a week then had to go for a check up last week, results were good but he has to go back in six months.

I really missed getting on here, I know I would type and send something out and it probably was not a format others my use, I did enjoy making any effort. I am back.

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