1:30 AM came early

For some reason I was unable to sleep past 1:30 AM, so therefore, I have been up trying to get tired again so I might return to bed and finish my few minutes of sleep that I am entitled to. I do not think I am asking too much to allow me to get what is earned. When I finish this post I will move into another room, change beds, and try and sleep for a few hours. Today I definite need it. The funny thing is while I am sitting here doing this post, the cell rang and it was one of the guys that I normally see in the mornings if I go to eat. “Are you coming down today?”, I told him about me being up early, oh he had to beat that he has been up since 12:30 AM watching movies and drinking coffee.

I have already ate, so I am now gone toward the bed and will, I hope, be asleep shortly. A follow-up will be on its way later today.

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