Today, a good day

Today had now moved into the dark of evening.  Today enters with its head held high as it was fulfilled with greatness.  Nothing happened that was a major issue.  Together we resolved the major issues and also solved others that we ran into during out attempts in trouble shooting.  Tomorrow, we shall have another great day and I hope no ghost images.

Rejoice, the robots have not taken over yet.

I was thinking…

I was thinking back into my time on WP and I remembered a word that would fully describe myself and my writes over the last few days.  That is, I am a jabberwockist.  Lewis Carroll, 1871, wrote a poem JABBERWOCKY.  A noun, and I used it as I did, I added ist, and maybe that will add to the meaning.  I will let you look it up and understand the meaning from your effort.


I found it…

♦  I did as I said I would do, changed rooms, bed, and comfort.  I feel much better now after about 3.5-4 hours of sleep replacement and now with a clearer mind to move on.

The image is there when I post from OUTLOOK.  All it is, a blank space between the subject and content.  The cursor is flashing, so when I hit backspace and move the content up one line it goes away.  Why is it doing this?, I have no idea.  I will work on it more because it should not be there.

Thank you for your patience.

I found it…my lost sleep, and the image issue.