The sounds of morning

Each day, at various hours, I hear people knocking about, cranking their vehicles and moving out to their work places. I can not help but to think back when I worked for so many years and wonder if anyone ever noticed my routines each day. Of course, I know somewhere someone surely did, I think we all do regardless if we acknowledge it or not. I was not one that liked to work, but I knew that if I did not, I’d have no money to spend. For some reason I thought just that, that is, spend, spend and spend. I guess over the years I was a party animal, a thriftster, and an entrepreneur. Did I ever make it big time, nah, maybe a big time looser for a while. Now once I retired for good, things became much better, that is, financially. Health wise not so good. I have never felt sorry for myself or my life as I look back at it. I made it what it was, the fun times, the bad times, the sad times, and the health issue times. I have learned a lot over the years, that the wise people would tried to tell me things, the ups and downs of life, work and play, and so much more. I have always been positive even when down on my luck. I would learn from my faults and move on. I think back to what my uncles, Grandparents, etc., to the things that they told me, and if I had listen to them I’d be a millionaire now. But, many times millionaires have more problems that I do, even today. So never bring yourselves down. Always be positive, have fun, and be wise of so many and move forward in life.

The sounds of morning, and life goes on.

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