The dark is on a move

The dark of the morning has been given its marching orders. The Sun (light) made it clear that it would be taking over shortly.

Today I seem to be feeling so so. It is nothing new, I would still be sleeping but my body woke and then the rest of my body was waking, so I finally just got out of bed and started my day. The days’ routines hardly ever change, I check the bank, then some WP thinking (that is most of the time), then I move onto something totally out of this world and I never know what that might be. The life of the old (at least in my case). I will be glad when we get back to full weeks instead of the two day weeks. Next week I think will be the beginning of the full weeks. I am scheduled for doctors on the 13th and the 22nd. The one on the 22nd is the one that I am not really looking forward to, Dental.

During the sleep time this morning, we had an Amber alert so all of my cells went off and making all kinds of noise. I had to get up and turn them off. If you do not turn them off it will keep going off until…you do. An Amber Alert, for those who do not know, is to alert the public that someone has kidnapped a child somewhere with a predetermined range.

The dark is on a move.

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