Adobe Systems

I have no idea how many of you have used or subscribe to the products, I have been using the CC plan probably as long if not longer than I have been on here. I am as green as a blade of grass in the summer, but I have trained myself to a point that many of the collection I’ve progressed to a fair user. Now some of the harder ones in the collection like PhotoShop I am as rusty as the old water bucket that has laid in the yard for years. I do a little each day with various elements and maybe either using their training videos or I will go to YouTube where I can get some other ideas about what to do to make my knowledge better.

I have used the NCH software and I again progressed. I no longer use them, not that the software is not a great collection, I have found others that meets my need better for my use. vMix is another software that I like but right now it is no my master’s computer. I ran into a problem downloading an update and became tired of doing this and that so I just never went back to it.

I enjoy learning something different each day, a word, a subject matter, and to use something different. It is for my gratification and the award is within my use of it.

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