The rain returns

I was hearing a noise out this morning and it was the pitta patter of the rain. I had to go to the office and do a nice dead for two ladies up there. I got them a cheese cake desert yesterday when I ordered my groceries. I just ate one also, not that I needed it, and I did not need it at all. I am nice once in a while just for the heck of it I guess.

I have been working on some more organizations in the room where my computers are located. A.K.A. the living room. I spend more time in this room than any other within the apartment. I am making headway with the organizing and cleaning. I hope to be done with all of it sometime next week. It really not that big of deal just I wanted to make it feel better in the room where I stay the most with the lights on.

I ordered a couple of tuna wraps yesterday, so today for lunch I had half of one. They are not bad, but good for you and tasty also.

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