The rain returns

I was hearing a noise out this morning and it was the pitta patter of the rain. I had to go to the office and do a nice dead for two ladies up there. I got them a cheese cake desert yesterday when I ordered my groceries. I just ate one also, not that I needed it, and I did not need it at all. I am nice once in a while just for the heck of it I guess.

I have been working on some more organizations in the room where my computers are located. A.K.A. the living room. I spend more time in this room than any other within the apartment. I am making headway with the organizing and cleaning. I hope to be done with all of it sometime next week. It really not that big of deal just I wanted to make it feel better in the room where I stay the most with the lights on.

I ordered a couple of tuna wraps yesterday, so today for lunch I had half of one. They are not bad, but good for you and tasty also.

The worse day is a day after

Today, a Thursday after a holiday on Wednesday, is one of the worse days of the week. It is more so when it is at the first of the month. The USPS is so slow around a major holiday that I think someone could take a roe boat and it could leave for an overseas location at the same time a letter would be sent, the roe boat would beat its delivery. As it was told to me this morning if I wanted to make a payment, I could bring it by any branch, go on line, or mail the payment to a branch office. I said that making the payment is not the problem, it is the purpose of which I am trying to get away from. I know the money is in their office now somewhere north of the equator. I will know tonight if all is well.

The worse day is a day after a holiday in the middle of the week.

Second day of a New Year

I thought I had finished this post but after some reconsiderations I see that I did not do the body of text yet. I am not sure but I believe that I may have forgotten what this message was to be about.

I stayed at home today, did not go eat so a text comes and ask where I was. I responded to it and told myself that they had better be getting use to me not coming down there each day so I can watch them smoke and I sit inside drinking coffee alone. I can do that here at the apartment if I would make some coffee. Over the years, I have drunk so much coffee that I no longer like it nor want it. The caffeine has never affected my sleep as it does some people. Anyway it is my plan t be unseen for a while.