The order of the month

Yesterday I began the order of groceries, this morning I finished the order and submitted it for shopping and delivery, and about 12:30PM it arrived. I dropped a few dollars but I am sure that I will have enough to eat for the month should it be necessary. I made considerations for the dental work that I am getting done later this month. It is money well spent. Also, I will not be going out much to eat in the near future. I have plenty to eat here at home. I did make one mistake, and it was my fault, I wanted sugar free syrup but ordered a lite syrup with 25g/ 1/4th cup on a 100 cal scale. I can use it but the next time I will have to do better. It is funny that if I actually go to the store myself I will forget what I want or most of it anyway because I will be cost considerate.

The order of the month is now complete and it was delivered to my door.

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