Relaxed, my word of today

As I set and tried to watch a football game, I soon realized that it was so boring that I could no longer watch it. I moved the channel to YouTube and ended up on some photography show, wow Sleepy I almost became. I do not want to sleep now so close to bedtime, I will never sleep and also miss any dream that might fall into my head during the night.

Overall, today has been good to me and I have done a lot of things that I needed to do and wanted to do for a long time. I actually feel good today. I hope it is the New Year rubbing off on me and that it will continue. Nah!, I know better than that. It almost time to prepare dinner for tonight, I am not sure what it will be but maybe I can find something to make me happy for a little while. Then I will turn some movies on and fight sleep for a while till the 10th hours of the evening, then it becomes bed time.

I took some time and cleaned my desk off and rearranged it for more effectiveness. I actually like the organizational look even if I do not know how to use it. I considerate it to be neat and presentable.

Relaxed, my word of today.

The order of the month

Yesterday I began the order of groceries, this morning I finished the order and submitted it for shopping and delivery, and about 12:30PM it arrived. I dropped a few dollars but I am sure that I will have enough to eat for the month should it be necessary. I made considerations for the dental work that I am getting done later this month. It is money well spent. Also, I will not be going out much to eat in the near future. I have plenty to eat here at home. I did make one mistake, and it was my fault, I wanted sugar free syrup but ordered a lite syrup with 25g/ 1/4th cup on a 100 cal scale. I can use it but the next time I will have to do better. It is funny that if I actually go to the store myself I will forget what I want or most of it anyway because I will be cost considerate.

The order of the month is now complete and it was delivered to my door.

It has come to be

During the night much excitement was in the air with the expectation of a New Year being born and celebrated.  A new year, my income is the same, my payouts are the same, a cup of coffee at the Waffle House is still $2 and in 23 years and 19 more days I will be 100 years old.

It has come to be.