Happy January 7

Now why would I say that?  Well, as I see it now, a lot of sun, comfortable temperature, and so far no problems so far today.

I think I have all matters at hand in control today.  I have had to make a couple of decisions over the phone but that is good for all concern I guess.  I slept late, feel much better today than when I went to sleep last evening.  A good sleep, a good feeling follows.  I am using my laptop now, I have not used it in a while and this keyboard is awkward for me after using a larger keyboard on the other computers.  I really need to use the laptop more than I do after all of the repairs and updates that I have had made to it no too long ago.

Happy January 7.


A lost for words

I sit here with my eyes closed and I have gone blank for words of expression. I have no subject matter now, I did before.
Crazy me almost fail asleep at the keyboard. WOW, what a dunce It may have been the scramble egg sandwich that I had earlier today.
I have been moving around a bit, awake again. I found an old phone that I have had forever I think. It is a wall phone for the kitchen, but it is now on the TV/Computer stand, hooked up and working like a dream. No more battery dropouts. I have called a couple of people and it works great.
I actually feel good today for some reason. No complaints. I am drinking lemon aide and being cool. No TV on just me and the computers. Happy days are here again.

Dilemma: Premium or Business

I have a dilemma that is plaguing me about my renewal in March.  Do I downsize to Premium or continue with the Business which is actually a waste of money since I do not have a “Business”?  I am looking to downgrade, I am not really smart with this WP program as many can tell.  I play with it just to see what might happen sometimes.  If I should get results that I am happy with then great, now how did I get there?  My old age kicks in and I am lost for a few minutes or days.  The main thing is I do not want to lose friends in the change.

Knowledgeable comments appreciated?