A good day, it was!

Today has been a good day for me.  I got many things accomplished, went stupid for a few minutes then woke up,  nothing broke, ate good, and soon will see if I can find my bed and maybe dream of another good day.

Tomorrow the last day of the year 2019…it has been a good year I think, for me anyway.  I hope that 2020 will be a great year for all of us and we prosper in so many ways that our lives will be a smile and the sadness will deteriorate.  May all of our health issues be cured and we will be thrifty in spirit.

May happiness be ours and for me I had a good day.

Sometimes I feel so…

I found a word today and my being out of touch with the facts did not recognize it.  I use word like opine and some of the other o words from time to time, “opium” is not one that is fixed in my verses each day.  I told someone that I had to look it up because I thought I had a new word.  Now, sometimes I feel so stupid.

The other word “elixir”, is a valid word that I have never heard of before.  So I am not totally stupid.  There is always a ghost somewhere around.

I made my rounds

I left for town to take care of my business that I had planned for today, the bank, the post office, the drug store, and of course the dumpster. The adventures continue now that I am back home. I get the joy of playing on the computers, maybe later I will watch a movie or something, most likely not.

I may try and learn how to use the English phase “straight away”. I hear it all the time and, I have never rode that train I just say to happen in come form of “next”. Again my smarts may be wrong.

I made my rounds.

A new day, A new adventure

I woke and up at 7:30AM EST, conducted my routines for the morning, ate a few things and now I am ready for the day ahead, hoping the problems stay away. The weather was issued as mid-range 48 degrees F. Now this is December almost January and it is still warm out. Where is the torture of cold, ice and snow etc. The snakes, birds, and bears keeps better time than the weather. Of course now, let me be the first to say, I like the spring and summer myself.

I do not have much scheduled for today. I have to go and pick up some meds at the drug store, drop off a bill payment at the box, deposit some trash in the dumpster, then I will be here up to no good for the rest of the day. Retirement is not what I thought it was to be, I was wrong, and I do try and make the best of each minute of it.

A new day, A new adventure.