The world is about to close

Considering that tonight and tomorrow are consider major holiday times around here and in other locations as well, one can say the world is about to close to party. It is funny, I am not there anymore. If I went out I would be last in line and never get in, or first in line and forgot my funds so I could not be admitted. Then with my luck I would party and start for home and the police would be the first people that I would meet and they would cage me up for the night, the judge on Thursday would take my freedom and money, and then I would being feeling sorry for myself. I feel as if it will be a good night for me when I find my bed somewhere in the other room and shut my eyes for an hour or two. Wake in the morning with no hangover, headache, and no bad luck, well I can’t put bad luck in there because it does not need a holiday to look for me.

I half way speak with experience, but not much. I that life back in 1994, I have never looked back at it, I try to look forward and see better things ahead, current as well.

Either way, again HAPPY NEW YEAR World and safety is the rule.

The last day seems boring

Back in the days when I had a life, I remember many activities that caught my attention. Now we must consider where I was at the time, Germany, Japan, Hawaii, Korea, California or South Carolina. Yes I moved around a lot and lived a lot, but accomplished very little. I did have fun, I think, but not sure if I would call it fun today or now. A bunch of guys being crazy and thought it was fun. Today, I have Eastwood on in the Fist Full of Dollars. Even that is boring right now. I have given thought to the bed and see if I could sleep for a few minutes, but that would be boring and also mess my night up. But what is one to do?

This last day of the year of 2019 seems so boring. Let it be, it will be what it is.

My day has begun

With a trip out to eat a simple meal for breakfast, see some old friends, and to just be out and away from home is now complete. I am back home. I did stop by the mail drop and placed a letter in the outgoing slot. I may have a few more things to do later today but as of now all has been completed.

As for the right eye? It is making positive progress, the floater is clearing and soon I will be back seeing as before. I can expect this to happen from time to time. I am doing fair to good otherwise. Nothing great nor real bad, just doing the best that my medications will let me do.

My day has begun!

The night has passed, the bed made

The cycle continues in ones life, morning has now arrived and the preparations for today’s activities begin. What next, one might say. It is all a cycle in life that we deal with until our time clock is punched and the pink slip arrives to say you are no more. I have a few things on the agenda to accomplish today, and I will. The first step has began and that is the awaking.

The last day of 2019 has arrived, New Years Eve. It is also the day of the birth of my Grandfather in 1896. He has been gone for a while now, but never forgotten.

May the New Year be bright for all of us and good health prevail.