The night has come upon us

The night has came upon us, therefore, the sleep cells call upon us to come to and submit to a night of sleep. Sleep is a form of rest, no real relaxation, any thrills or discomfort will come in the form of dreams. I have very few dreams, have had more during the past few weeks. I have also been sleeping longer and more comfortably, a real change for me, but enjoyable.

Maybe tomorrow I break my pattern and go out in the morning for coffee. I have stopped doing that for a number of reasons and I have been feeling better as a result. Some people have been asking me to come back to see them. I figure a couple of hours then again retire form the effort and stay home doing home things, heck maybe even do this. Now that is funny. I enjoy it but sometimes I need to air my little pea brain out and get some of the dust out of it.

Tomorrow will be a great day for so many of us. We shall stick together and watch the words inspire.

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