The night has come upon us

The night has came upon us, therefore, the sleep cells call upon us to come to and submit to a night of sleep. Sleep is a form of rest, no real relaxation, any thrills or discomfort will come in the form of dreams. I have very few dreams, have had more during the past few weeks. I have also been sleeping longer and more comfortably, a real change for me, but enjoyable.

Maybe tomorrow I break my pattern and go out in the morning for coffee. I have stopped doing that for a number of reasons and I have been feeling better as a result. Some people have been asking me to come back to see them. I figure a couple of hours then again retire form the effort and stay home doing home things, heck maybe even do this. Now that is funny. I enjoy it but sometimes I need to air my little pea brain out and get some of the dust out of it.

Tomorrow will be a great day for so many of us. We shall stick together and watch the words inspire.

A good day, it was!

Today has been a good day for me.  I got many things accomplished, went stupid for a few minutes then woke up,  nothing broke, ate good, and soon will see if I can find my bed and maybe dream of another good day.

Tomorrow the last day of the year 2019…it has been a good year I think, for me anyway.  I hope that 2020 will be a great year for all of us and we prosper in so many ways that our lives will be a smile and the sadness will deteriorate.  May all of our health issues be cured and we will be thrifty in spirit.

May happiness be ours and for me I had a good day.

Sometimes I feel so…

I found a word today and my being out of touch with the facts did not recognize it.  I use word like opine and some of the other o words from time to time, “opium” is not one that is fixed in my verses each day.  I told someone that I had to look it up because I thought I had a new word.  Now, sometimes I feel so stupid.

The other word “elixir”, is a valid word that I have never heard of before.  So I am not totally stupid.  There is always a ghost somewhere around.

I made my rounds

I left for town to take care of my business that I had planned for today, the bank, the post office, the drug store, and of course the dumpster. The adventures continue now that I am back home. I get the joy of playing on the computers, maybe later I will watch a movie or something, most likely not.

I may try and learn how to use the English phase “straight away”. I hear it all the time and, I have never rode that train I just say to happen in come form of “next”. Again my smarts may be wrong.

I made my rounds.