My visuals this evening

I have spent the evening viewing Star Track, The Next Generation, I have been watching much of it lately.  It does not matter, it will be a rerun if I watch anything.  I reckon I have rested my eye, I can see much better right now.  I am still on a watch it effort.  People keep saying call a doctor, I have been there and I know the answers.  It will be fine, so I am not worried about it right now.

My visuals this evening.  Space the next generation.

My next adventure will soon begin…

My next adventure will soon begin, AKA, sleep, rest, or just a night time event. In a way I dread it, but I know I have to go and at least attempt it.

I may or may not travel into a dream, I do not have many I guess because I am forever awake within a lite sleep.

I will be doing a follow-up on this adventure, maybe tomorrow. Stand by.

It is not a computer day

In the beginning someone boldly said unto the world, “Let there be computers”. And some smart people, in their garages, begin to make them and get rich, in fact the richest in the world. Well today my computer went crazy on me and I had to put my Technion brain on and try to medicate it with tender love and etc. Well, low n behold it came back to life and now is working like it is suppose to. I am sure it heard me speaking funny words or something so it decided it would quit being a chile and wake up. I was so happy.

Earlier today and actually even now, both printers are still asleep and have no emotions about waking up. I tricked one my newest by hard wiring it to the computer so now it is dedicated. It is working as it should.

It is not a computer day.

January a family birth month

Actually December (the birth of my Grandfather), January 4th (my Grandmothers birthday), January 10th, (my Great Grandmothers birthday), January 13th (my sisters birthday), January 20th (my birthday), and January 25th (my uncles birthday). I am sure if I looked at the family tree I could fine many more birthdays in January. But the same goes for any month.

What does this mean? Nothing, just my way of thinking about the venture into January 2020.

January a family birth month.

New Years’ approaches

In a few short days ahead 2019 fades into the night and 2020 will arrive and take the reign with a blasé heard around the world. Why do we celebrate the movement from one year to the next? It is only a function of time and we tolerate such movements each day of our life. What does it tell us about who we are and how we feel? I personally do not excite over the change of the year, Resolutions are made, hardly ever kept, a hang over in the morning of the first day of the new year, many sport activities, parades, etc. I this it all falls into our life as we need something fun to celebrate and the change of the reign comes only once a year. Like a birthday of something. People just get so bogged down during the year that when they can they want to celebrate something good and fun.

Celebrate the change and let safety be on your mind for the event.