Wasted food/money

Here in America packages (cans, boxes, packs, or wraps), are required to be stamped with a date to be Best used by.  Many items I will take a few risk with, I just went through some old food items that I had on hand, (all of which are mixed items in preparations) and I trowed them away.  My food items in the cabinets are now all in date.  Sometimes I will buy quantity and then eat many of the items and burn out or have a change of taste.  It is sad that I wasted all of the money.  Some of the packages only had enough for a partial prep, so I do not regard that as a waste at this time.

Does the dates really mean anything?  I had rather be safe than experimental.

Wasted food/money.

The right eye

The eye

An update to the link above remains active, I believe it to be improving some.  Not really much can be done for it but just be tolerant.  I will not drive to far with it being as it is,   At times it totally blocks vision.  I will not drive during the night hours.  Maybe I need one of those patches that Black Beard had?

Anyway I just wanted to submit an update:  The right eye

A sign of rain

I went to the car and noticed a sign of rain earlier. It was not heavy but the lot was wet. I drove to the complex office, she was busy, she being a friend working there. I came back to the mail box then to the apartment.
The people above me have been cleaning and vacuuming their carpet. It is a weekend.

A sign of rain today.

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Just minding my own…

As I was setting here just minding my own business, a power spike knocked my computer offline. I had to then run through what I was working on to ensure that it was not damaged or lost. I think all equipment has now been woke up and now back online. I know my laptop was not bothered. I do not think the phones were hit either. Sometimes a computer can make you feel so dumb. I will admit I am not savvy to a lot of the tricks and techniques of the computer but I do try to figure it all out even without instructional booklets like in the old days: the days of Compaq where 64-meg was a lot of memory. Oh well, I most likely will never see NANO in a personal computer, only in bathing suites.

Just minding my own…and pop goes the power.

A new day with different issues

The night went well I guess, I even had some crazy dream, not use to dreams. It has been a while for those. It was 6:45AM when I rose from my sleep, Normally, it is around 4:30AM. This staying home in the morning, I think I like it. Today, I do not think I would have been able to drive in the dark with this floater flare in my right eye. I often ask why is it that if something is about to go wrong it is always a holiday period and no one is working that can advise. Yes, they’re the hospital, but again, who wants to sit and wait 3 or more hours just to wait more once you are called into the ER. Not me. I understand that doctors and nurses want time off also, and deservingly so.

I am up and about, a new day with different issues, I hope to surrive.

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