We are soon to enter a New Year

We, as out pets, will enter into a new adventure, a new time, and a new struggle.  Many will make resolutions as a guide of well being during the year, many make them but never keep them.  It is human nature I reckon is to put off till tomorrow what we should do today, therefore, it will never get done.  I for one of many I am sure, do not make any resolutions because I have learned over the many years that I am not going to be faithful is a prediction that I will dedicate myself to a completion.   I was planning a trip once and someone asked me where I was going and for how long of a stay it might be.  My response was crude I guess, but I said the best I can tell you is I will tell you when I get back where I went, and as for how long I do not know.

We are soon to enter a New Year, I have no resolutions, I can promise that I will take it one day at a time, hope for the best, and unless my I get the pink slip and my time card is punched I will be here for the next New Year and a few thereafter.

Happy New Years to all.

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