It worked…email posting

I think I knew that I had the service but never thought much about it.  I just tried a test run and it was fast as greased electrons.  I will have to try it often just keep my mind in order and functional.  I like learning neat things.

Today had been a functional day for me and I have enjoyed it.  I am sure that I bored all others but that is not my intent, I do understand.

I usually go out in the morning for breakfast, I went out last Monday and told all that I would see them next year.  So far, those words hold true.  I think I have been eating better and feeling worse at times.  But that is because I am usually here working with MS Office 365 2019v.  It is just a hobby, like vMix, OBS, xSplit, and Adobe.  I am more versed in WP that the rest. lol.

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