Wow, did I miss a day?

Last night, I became mad at Microsoft, when I was trying to get into my subscription of Office 365 Business.  Well, I actually went to bed, tossed and turned, got up and went to the computer and offed myself from the subscription and a few other things, and now I think? I am back on the home version.  At least I did download it and have reinstalled it onto my computer.

A few minutes ago I was reading some old posts that I sent out.  WOW!, I am so sorry for the damage or punishment that I may have put on those who tried to read them.  I am a slow reader, fast typist, and a garbled speaker, I will have nightmares from what few that I read.  So sorry, or maybe I was the laugh of the WWW, no problem there.  I will work on being more awake when I send something.

I hope all had a great Christmas, mine was to my liking.

Wow, did I miss a day in school?  What do I pay Grammarly for?  I will ask myself that question later, I know spelling is one thing.

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