I returned before bed

I been doing the Fire Stick deal for a few hours.  It is now time for me to check my eye lids for light leaks.  Should one get a hole in the eye lid then light may enter and cause additional damage.

I took my bedtime pills and I hope one of the will allow me to sleep.  I only have one hope that is now dangling from a cloud somewhere.  I would appreciate a good sleep, less pain, and any or all pain to go away for a few days.

As General MacArthur said when he had to leave PI, I will be back.  I did not quote because I was not there and, therefore, I never heard the exact words spoken.  But by orders he did return to the PIs.

The time has now come for me to go and light test my eye lids for holes.  I would say that I should not find any, however, I know first hand how some surgeries turn out, and I was told that they could fix the problems, I said it is ok, it is not under a warranty, if it was I could have it done.

I returned before bed…and now I say good night.

The day has become better

With many tries and errors, today has finally come together.  Do I really understand what I have done to accomplish so much and so little.  In fact, no I could not tell what button I pushed to a level higher in knowledge.

I learned about dynamic locking on the computer, I did not subscribe to it yet.  I have to do more research into how it works and how to override should it locks and I do not meet the criteria to unlock.  They are already texting me with a code before I can get in now, I could be all day just trying to log in.

I have also began to feel better than earlier today.  Maybe we have hope ahead.

The day has become better.

Oh, did I say…

When I started to come here today to say a few words, I kept looking over my Desktop for my app to sign on with, it is missing.  I moved to Chrome and of course, Google has all on their page, even dirty laundry.  Anyway, I found one and I hit it and waited the longest for it to come online.  Finally, I did another sync and WP finally came online.  I hope the day will get better.

Oh, did I say?

Wow, did I miss a day?

Last night, I became mad at Microsoft, when I was trying to get into my subscription of Office 365 Business.  Well, I actually went to bed, tossed and turned, got up and went to the computer and offed myself from the subscription and a few other things, and now I think? I am back on the home version.  At least I did download it and have reinstalled it onto my computer.

A few minutes ago I was reading some old posts that I sent out.  WOW!, I am so sorry for the damage or punishment that I may have put on those who tried to read them.  I am a slow reader, fast typist, and a garbled speaker, I will have nightmares from what few that I read.  So sorry, or maybe I was the laugh of the WWW, no problem there.  I will work on being more awake when I send something.

I hope all had a great Christmas, mine was to my liking.

Wow, did I miss a day in school?  What do I pay Grammarly for?  I will ask myself that question later, I know spelling is one thing.