I regret to say, I did

I regret to say that in my last post I goofed bad.  I misspelled a word, even if it somewhat appropriate it was the wrong word for the subject.

The word assessable is an adjective, sounds the same, but incorrect as used.

The word accessible is an adjective and is most correct.

I regret to say, I did a bad deed today and now I must stand in the corner for an hour to amend my fault

I found something

Going through the information on my MS Cloud I found something that I did not know that I had, a “Personal Vault”.  My phones all have the one called “Secret Vault” So far I have never had to use them, maybe had to is a bad phase of words, I think if I knew that they were indeed more secure and not assessable to corruption from infiltrators I’d tend to use them more.

Would one gather from my comments that I am bored, well maybe, and likely I am.  I tend to be learning something when I am bored and not bogged down with challenging issues that I do not know how to accomplish.

I found something today that I was unaware of in the MS Cloud.

A new effort

After all of these past years dealing with Microsoft and evading the “Cloud”, I have discovered that one can actually operate within the cloud as I am right now and I saves space on the computer.  Parts of this operation I have not figured out yet, but so far I have had no problem operating within the cloud cover and not having to use my space on the computer.  I actually believe it will also be safer if I do this.  I have had some attempted invasions on one of my computers so I do not want to change all again as I once did.  Heck, I do good to remember it all now, and memory is not a problem that I can relate to just yet within my life.

A new effort in my knowledge of computing these days.  I hope I will not become dangerous while getting a 3 year’s education in computers.

My world on Sunday 12/22/2019

Today I woke at the normal time of 4:30AM, but decided to continue my sleep and make no effort to rise from the incline position that I was in at the time.  At 7:00AM I finally woke and rose to the occasion of a new day and the same routines.  I was not having any pains at the time, my readings were good and I waited for the required 30 minutes before I ate.  I ate, as I normally do each morning, and my fingers pulled me toward the computer for today’s activities.  Note:  I have five of these comments scheduled for today, will more follow, we’ll have to wait and see.

My world on Sunday 12/22/2019 pt. 1.