I wonder

I sit here often, not as often as before for some reason, but often still.  I place words on the screen and then out in cyber-world.  Not to entertain, not to educate, or for any reason.  I am not even sure that they mix as in a cake.  I guess if one scrambles enough then the ingredients may mix and some sense will come from the mix.  Oh, I am not a cook either, I can read the directions on the box and still mess it up.  Back in the old days my grandmother could make anything without directions and it would be so good.

Well, some nice people that responds to my presentations are so kind and at times makes nice comments about something that I have said or included.  Of course, being grateful for any comments, when they are kind and generous in words I appreciate it more.  So I wonder how I can do better or continue my pace as it is.

3 thoughts on “I wonder

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